Media pearl-clutching over Trump's retweet of a Hillary joke

When you start with the premise that Donald Trump is a monster and an outrage against public decency, practically any excuse will do to put on a serious face and intone gravely about the Future of the Republic under such a leader.  That is exactly what happened with our friend Oleg Atbashian of The People's Cube, who put together what he describes as a "silly animated GIF," splicing together video of Donald Trump hitting a golf ball in a drive, and then film of Hillary stumbling over as she boarded a campaign plane, with a golf ball hitting her in the back.

This was obviously a joke, a metaphor for the clumsiness (or worse) of Hillary and her deep antagonism with the man who defeated her, overwhelmed by the sheer power and energy of his campaigning.  In the same vein as the American Humane Association attests on movie credits, no actual candidates were harmed in the production of this video.  It's a joke.

So President Trump retweeted a message containing the video, and his enemies went for the bait.  With CNN in the lead, we are advised that we face a grave danger from presidents attempting to assassinate their rivals using a golf swing.

Oleg has a collection of some of the other media outrage:

And many, many more from ABC, NBC, Yahoo News, BuzzFeed, Daily Beast, Vanity Fair, and other drive-by media.

Oleg, it must be remembered, was a Soviet agitprop artist who has direct experience in the original political correctness movement, as imposed by a communist party.  His red meat is coercive socialism, and he satirizes those who advocate or practice it.  Nothing is sacred – not even St. Karl:

So he fully understands what is really going on here:

The Alinskyites don't like it when you use their tool of ridicule against them.

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