Chelsea Manning's latest claim: Not a traitor

Still basking in adoring crowds after selling America down the river and getting away with it, Chelsea Manning declared he isn't a traitor in response to a question at a tony Nantucket conference.

The Associated Press reports:

"I believe I did the best I could in my circumstances to make an ethical decision," she [sic] told the crowd when asked by the moderator if she [sic] was a traitor.

That's a pretty strange statement from someone who later on in the story said he liked doing bad things just because others told him not to:

"Everybody keeps telling me, 'Maybe you shouldn't say this. Maybe you shouldn't do this event. Maybe you shouldn't talk. Maybe you shouldn't do this,'" she [sic] said. "And I'm just like, OK, the fact that you're telling me I shouldn't do this is the reason why I should. And I think that's what we can all do."

Like handing over classified information to every Tom, Dick, and Harry, including terrorists and America's adversaries?

That's what Manning did.

Manning made a promise to the United States that in exchange to access to its most important military secrets, which were put together by America's spies in the most dangerous of conditions, he would keep his mouth shut in order to faithfully preserve America's national security.  He violated that oath, handed over a downloaded file of America's most important wartime secrets, did it under the sneakiest of conditions in a bid to get away with it, and then whined about the consequences.

He in fact was such a psychological mess, and so unfit to be trusted with secrets that once he got caught, that his next move was to become a transsexual, as if wanting to shed an unwanted self.  He had a lot of parent issues at home, flunked out of community college, and shouldn't have been trusted to clean latrines, let alone read secrets.

Now he's out there, trying to justify the mess he's made of his life with the cover of "patriotism" despite trying to get away with what he did.  Had he really thought there was a problem with America's conduct in the wars, he wouldn't have handed America's top secrets over to our enemies and anyone else who wanted to read them.  He would have gone through established channels.  He was nothing but an irresponsible loser, who at the time had a big enough ego to think committing treason would be fun.  Now he's trying to tell us otherwise.

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