Left's oddsmaker FiveThirtyEight sees grim prospects for DACA

Contrary to the general triumphalism of the left with its focus on owning the Latino vote, lefty oddsmaker Nate Silver sees quite a few strikes against the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals passing. Not because Trump is a racist monster or any of the other knee-jerk explanations coming from the leftside, but because polls that claim DACA is popular don't tell the real story. DACA may be popular, even among some Republicans, but hardline immigration policy has been growing as an animating force in GOP politics for years. It helped put Trump in the White House. Helped put Trump in the White House? Well, yes, in some quarters, that's called winning. In any case, FiveThirtyEight does have some interesting insights on why the polls aren't particularly useful in measuring how the public really thinks about illegal immigration. During policy debates, we sometimes become too focused on individual questions instead of looking at the broader public view. On...(Read Full Post)