Judge blocks funding ban for sanctuary cities

A federal judge blocked the Trump justice department from withholding grant money from sanctuary cities. The ruling is likely temporary as the law is expected to change, with Congress giving that authority to the DoJ. The case involved a suit by the city of Chicago who argued they would be "irreparably  harmed" by the denial of funds. A judge agreed that the city had a good case and issued the injunction covering the entire country. Associated Press: City officials have said such a ruling would prevent the Justice Department from withholding what are called Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grants to the cities based on their refusal to take the steps Sessions ordered. Chicago has applied for $2.2 million in the federal grant money — $1.5 million for the city and the rest for Cook County and 10 other suburbs. But in a recent court hearing, attorneys representing the city said that more than 30 other jurisdictions across the United States filed...(Read Full Post)