John McCain, guarantor of the Obamacare poverty tax

Does John McCain have any shame at all?  In his grandstanding declaration of opposition the Graham-Cassidy bill to scrap Obamacare, which must be passed by the end of the month, he's sticking more than 100,000 low-income taxpayers with huge fines associated with being unable to afford Obamacare's larded up insurance policies. According to Americans for Tax Reform: If Sen. John McCain votes YES on Graham-Cassidy 153,700 Arizona households will no longer be stuck paying Obamacare’s individual mandate tax. In 2015, these households had to pay the IRS $69,770,000 for choosing not to purchase Obamacare, an average tax of $454 per household. 82% of Arizona households paying this tax make less than $50,000 per year. If Sen. McCain votes NO, Arizonans will be forced to pay Obamacare’s individual mandate tax simply for choosing not to purchase Obamacare. The details from the link to GOP senator Steve Daines of Montana's chart on the...(Read Full Post)