Interpol votes to allow Palestinians as a member-'state'

A terror-supporting fox has just been invited into the global police henhouse.  Over strenuous Israeli objections, Interpol, the international police agency that shares information and arrest "red notices," voted at its annual general assembly in Beijing to admit the Palestinian Authority as a member-"state."  Israel points out that the P.A. is not a state, but that did not prevent the required two-thirds majority from voting to admit it and the Solomon Islands to membership, making a total of 192.  A similar bid last year in Interpol's Jakarta general assembly meeting had failed. There are a number of concerns over this move.  Primarily, it is seen as another step toward full U.N. membership for the Palestinian Authority, conferring legitimacy on it.  The P.A. now becomes eligible for membership in the International Criminal Court, which will enable it to push to criminalize Israelis for the "crime" of defending...(Read Full Post)