Hugh Hefner is dead

Hugh Hefner, whose sex-oriented media empire is credited with changing American morals regarding premarital sex, died at the age of 91. He died at the Playboy Mansion – emblematic of both his business and personal life that seemed to be one, seamless whole for several generations of men. N.Y. Times: Mr. Hefner began excoriating American puritanism at a time when doctors refused contraceptives to single women and the Hollywood production code dictated separate beds for married couples. As the cartoonist Jules Feiffer, an early Playboy contributor, saw the 1950s, "People wore tight little gray flannel suits and went to their tight little jobs." "You couldn't talk politically," Mr. Feiffer said in the 1992 documentary "Hugh Hefner: Once Upon a Time." "You couldn't use obscenities. What Playboy represented was the beginning of a break from all that." Playboy was born more in fun than in anger. Mr. Hefner's first...(Read Full Post)