Gender transition child abuse exposed by 60 Minutes (in Australia)

One of the great scandals of our age is the overwhelming push by progressives to define gender as a voluntary choice, and impose this fantasy on children via surgery, hormones, and other life course-altering “therapies.”  The result has been a wave of horrific child abuse, as youngsters far too immature to make life choices are encouraged by their virtue-signaling parents to undergo disruptive hormone therapies and sometimes surgical mutilation. That may add some PC credibility to the parents, at the expense of the welfare of their child. It is child abuse on what is becoming a mass scale. Thank the Lord that the investigative journalists at 60 Minutes still know how to corner an interviewee on a difficult issue, and don’t censor themselves on politically correct grounds. Unfortunately, this applies to 60 Minutes Australia, not to the American original version, at least when it comes to this form of child abuse. Amanda Prestigiacomo of the Daily Wire...(Read Full Post)