Fox News bankrolls major LGBTQ convention

This weekend in Philadelphia, a four-day-long convention of LGBTQ (gay, lesbian, transsexual, bisexual, queer) activists is meeting with leading mainstream journalists and corporate media producers and executives.  The stated purpose is to influence mainstream reporting on issues close to the heart of the LGBTQ activist community.  The issues include same-sex marriage, transgenders in the military, isolating conservative religious groups as hate-mongers, and even how to cover President Donald Trump.  Incredibly, the journalists are there not to report on the event, but to be enthusiastic participants while their employers help to pay for it. It's one thing for a group like the NLGJA – the Association of LGBTQ Journalists, the sponsor of the event – to hold a convention of its members. It's something else entirely to have this agenda-laden meeting sponsored and supported financially by the very news media that the LGBTQ association is...(Read Full Post)