ESPN employees vent about Jamele Hill on private message board

Deadspin has obtained chat logs from a private message board used by ESPN employees who discussed the Jamele Hill situation at the network. Hill, an anchor for the Sportscenter show, tweeted last week that Donald Trump was a white supremacist. ESPN reprimanded Hill but took no further action. In the past, the network had suspended employees for much less.  Deadspin has obtained chat logs from an internal forum used by ESPN employees, in which a series of ESPNers have argued over the past few days about Hill’s case and, more broadly, how much employees should be permitted to share their political opinions online, the degree to which ESPN should be political, and the cynically engineered perception that the network is too liberal. We have anonymized the employees, who range from off-camera assistants to senior staff.  What I found most fascinating about the chats is that Hill grossly violated the network's personnel policy by spouting off about the...(Read Full Post)