Which party is careless?

Obamacare is what happens when an entire party gets careless.  They pass an over 2,000-page bill that no one has read.  They go around knowingly lying that you can keep your plan, keep your doctor, that it will lower premiums substantially.  It was obvious from the start that none of this could possibly be true, but the sycophant media, including Catherine Rampell, never questioned these blatant lies.  The CBO went along with the fantasy and pretended that 26 million would be covered and that it would lower the deficit. For seven years, Obamacare has been cascading toward collapse, and Democrats along with careless reporters have done nothing to fix it.  Premiums have skyrocketed, deductibles, and co-pays have also skyrocketed, exchanges have gone bankrupt, and choices for consumers have constantly been reduced. And now Catherine Rampell and other willing participants who have repeated Democrat talking points over the years accuse the...(Read Full Post)