DACA provides the impetus to solve immigration issues

When the Trump administration decided two weeks ago to halt DACA (for minor children of illegal immigrants) applications and allow six months for Congress to pass legislation that addresses the issue, a new round of political fighting was unleashed.  Utilizing the constitutional process unveiled the sharp divide among Republicans concerning this issue and has shown that the leadership of the establishment are closer to the Democrats than to their electoral base.  Donald Trump might still find a way to get immigration off the table as a wedge issue. The media, ever eager to damage Trump, have tried to expose this divide to create a gulf between the president and his supporters.  Minority leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have overstated any agreement on this issue.  Trump had to publicly disavow any actual agreement.  House speaker Paul Ryan went so far as to point out that the president and the two Democrats only had a discussion. These insiders...(Read Full Post)