Cuba not so 'gay' for homosexuals opposing Castro

For years, Cuba was not very friendly to homosexuals – i.e., concentration camps for gays and segregation of people with HIV.     About 20 years ago, Reynaldo Arenas wrote his memoirs and reminded the world that homosexuality is a crime in Cuba, and he was one of the many exhibits of that repression. You wouldn't know it with the number of Hollywoodies who overlooked the treatment of gays to take a photo with the world's #1 anti-U.S. leader, who also allegedly offers "free health care" to his people.  It's amazing what some in the left are willing to do to stand next to a guy who hates the U.S. and sings the wonders of socialized medicine. Of course, all of us have known for a long time that Cuba is a fraud, specially the health care system. Let me tell you now about the latest fraud, or the way anti-gay Castro Cubans are treated by Michael Moore's favorite regime. This is from The Washington...(Read Full Post)