Barnett, the slave

We don't know where he was born – probably Virginia – and we don't know who his parents were.  But we do know the year he was born and who owned him. Let's keep track of the basic records and at the end draw some conclusions. In Mecklenburg County, Virginia, the county tax assessors finished their records on May 10, 1790.  Barnett's owner, William Hudson, Sr.; a distant grandfather; and he appear in the list.  He was 12 years old, so he was born in 1778. On March 20 or 28, 1799, same county, in a personal tax list, William Hudson, Sr. and Barnett again appear together, along with four other slaves.  His age is not mentioned, but he is twenty-one, a prime working age. Then, around 1804, William Hudson decides to move to Edgefield District, South Carolina, probably because his two daughters moved there and one settled in a neighboring county. In a document dated November 28, 1809, William bequeaths Barnett to his daughter...(Read Full Post)