Back on the streets of Chicago

According to court records, via CWB Chicago, two men charged with a horrifying crime are to be released back onto the streets of Chicago with electronic monitoring, presumably the ankle bracelets of television fame. Two men are charged with threatening to shoot a victim during a robbery in the West Ridge neighborhood Sunday night. 18-year-old Hunter Gregory of Skokie and 30-year-old Guy Cabrol of Rogers Park approached the man near Green Briar Park around 11:55 p.m., prosecutors said. “Give me your shit,” Gregory allegedly ordered, adding, “I think this guy’s looking to get shot” when the victim refused. Cabrol reportedly agreed, saying “yeah, I think we have to put him down” as Gregory reached into his rear waistband. The victim dropped to his knees on a sidewalk in the 6000 block of North Talman. “Drop your shit. Drop everything on the ground,” Cabrol is alleged to have ordered. “This guy is going to get...(Read Full Post)