Another night of violence in St. Louis

A massive police presence on the streets of St. Louis failed to deter violence from breaking out for the second night in a row following the acquittal of a former St. Louis policeman on first degree murder charges. During the day, about 300 people marched peacefully through the streets of the city, protesting the killing of a young black drug dealer who was shot by now retired police officer Jason Stockley. Recordings show that Stockley announced he was going to kill Anthony Lamar Smith less than a minute before he fired his gun into Smith's car. Prosecutors also allege that Stockley planted a gun in Smith's vehicle. But when night fell, police had their hands full. St. Louis Post Dispatch: Shortly before 11 p.m. at Leland and Delmar, a small group of protesters threw chunks of concrete at police and broke windows at numerous Delmar Loop businesses. A chair was thrown through the window of a Starbucks. One protester was seen hitting a police SUV with a hammer....(Read Full Post)