A brewing storm in Cuba

As we see in weather reports, Hurricane Irma is very close to Cuba and will likely cause significant damage.  We hope for the best for the island, its neighbors, and Southern Florida. There is another storm brewing in Cuba, but you have not heard much about that one.  We see this from U.S. News about what we can call an electoral storm:    Opponents of the Cuban government are putting forward an unprecedented number of candidates for municipal elections in late October, the first step in a process to select a new president after nearly 60 years of the Castro brothers' rule. The electoral cycle comes at a tricky time for the Caribbean nation as the Castros' revolutionary generation dies off, an economic reform program appears stalled, aid from key ally Venezuela shrinks, and the Trump administration threatens. The municipal vote, the only part of the electoral process with direct participation by ordinary Cubans, is expected to attract...(Read Full Post)