Venezuela's communist Keystone Kop capers

The thugs running Venezuela have been having a bad time ever since a group of unknown masked raiders scaled an elite military fortification in the city of Valencia on Sunday and made off with a large number of weapons.  In fact, the guardians of the newly emptied Venezuelan arsenals are now revealing just how stupid and incompetent they are in the face of a real military challenge.

The government claims to have captured seven of the rebels and says all is well, but experts dispute that, as I wrote yesterday.  The Twitter photo of the seven sad sacks the Chavistas trotted out hardly suggests the significant military-level skill required for the operation.  Do these guys look like people who could pull off a dangerous raid on a highly fortified elite military installation?

I see an old man with a pot belly, two others with pot bellies, and – cripes – a scrawny apparent teenager in a hot pink wife-beater.

My correspondent writes:

This article states than VenGov agents (civilian and not military) have been trying to no avail to find the weapons that the rebels captured. They also have not been able to find those responsible, something that contradicts the government's claim of having captured 7 rebels. The group conducting the search is from the Comando Nacional Antiextorsión y Secuestro (CONAS) - National Command against Extorsion and Kidnapping (a civilian unit). Also SEBIN (the political police) is searching areas in and near Valencia. Overhead are helicopters belonging to the CICPC (an  FBI-like agency less politicized than the SEBIN). 

That's just the preview of how stupid and inept the Chavistas are showing themselves to be in a crisis, something that certainly must encourage the freedom fighters watching the specter from their hideout.

The details signal that it's worse than that, though.  My correspondent writes:

Why are civilian, rather than military, units doing the work when it was a MILITARY uprising? 

It likely signals that they don't trust the military.  Apparently, the Cubans aren't quite as in control as people may have thought.

It gets worse:

Anyway these bozos charged into a female student residence run by some 80 year-old nuns at midnight looking for weapons and rebels. They also raided a gun club that runs a shooting range and a family hacienda. So far, they have found nothing!

BTW, these nuns are planing to move to Peru because it is impossible to continue with their good work in Venezuela.

So they raided a girl's school, a convent full of elderly nuns, a family farm, and a legal gun club?  Sounds like this is the only level they are capable of fighting at.  One thing for sure is that they don't have good intelligence – even as Venezuela is a place where no one keeps a secret.

What we are looking at is idiocy, lunacy, and Chavista chaos.  This should serve as a signal to the rebels that the Chavista thugcraft operation is a house of cards.  One good kick, and it might be over sooner than anyone would have imagined.  Lots of socialist hellholes go down that way: very quickly.

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