Unexpected Jew-hatred: Government building edition

"Steve Feldman, land baron!" It has a nice ring to it as I say it out loud. Of course, it is patently untrue.  But that did not stop a United States Postal Service clerk from not only thinking I am a land baron, but also telling me so to my face. I went into the post office (where I go multiple times a week) near my workplace to mail some items and to buy some stamps.  Usually, I buy either rolls of flag stamps or the sheets that feature America's national parks. I approached the counter and asked for 100 national park stamps (which were not part of the display of stamps for sale!) when I noticed a stamp that caught my eye.  It looked to my tired eyes to depict a field and two rock formations.  I asked the clerk what the stamp was. "That is the new Andrew Wyeth," she said.  "Would you like those instead?" Nothing against the local renowned painter, but "no," I replied.  "I'll stick...(Read Full Post)