The Tao of crisis diplomacy

In the written Chinese language, the ideogram character for "crisis" is made up of two Chinese words that are "danger" and "opportunity."  When dealing with Asian counties, it is wise to remember that small but important detail to gain insight into the thought processes of the leadership. The current escalating crisis surrounding Kim Jong-un and his attempt to extort from the international community a carte blanche to build a stockpile of nuclear warheads and develop the missile technology to deliver them actually provides for a good opportunity to re-examine our own nuclear policy. Many years ago, during the Cold War, we developed a nuclear policy of Mutual Assured Destruction or MAD.  This policy was essentially the same policy that two scorpions in a bottle will agree to in order to survive.  The USA and the USSR were exactly that: two deadly adversaries facing off with no avenue of escape, and so an arms race ensued, and...(Read Full Post)