The growing tyranny of the culture-killers

The controversy around Confederate statue removal rages.  Revisionists are on the rampage with all the fury of communist mobs that want no memory of a past culture to remain.  They are involved in a cultural cleansing of heroes, legends, and symbols that threatens to fragment yet more a divided nation. The wrath of the iconoclasts knows no limits.  High and mighty captains of industry quiver in fear of being labeled politically incorrect.  It is the hour of the spineless and mediocre to scamper into hiding, losing themselves in the darkness of history.  Leftist city officials nationwide rush to swear fidelity to the new keepers of the culture by cowardly removing Confederate statues in the silence of the night. Nations have been devastated and robbed of their treasures.  But there is no greater treasure of a people than the lives of those among them that developed great thoughts, produced great works, or fought great battles.  Their...(Read Full Post)