The Drawdown cult

Well educated people are sometimes drawn into apocalyptic cults.  Lyndon LaRouche's followers often sported Ph.D.s.  The Communist Party U.S.A was filled with well-educated intellectuals.  The followers of Scientology don't lack education. Global warming, independent of the truth or falsity of the science, has cultish aspects.  It is apocalyptic and professes to be fighting powerful, evil forces for the good of humanity.  This noble cause is supposedly opposed by evil forces – the fossil fuel companies.  These companies are led by timid bureaucrats, many whom profess belief in global warming alarmism.  It's hard to see these agreeable corporate bosses as manipulative global warming deniers, whose business plan, as one activist claimed, is to wreck the Earth. Into this environment comes the book Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming.  The book's foreword, written by the...(Read Full Post)