That America we knew and loved? It's still here

It's kind of sad how many people find themselves asking, "Where did the America I knew and loved go?"  The reason so many are asking that is because of what is put before our eyes every day: a nation without any but the most superficial values.  An America supposedly full of selfishness and small thinking.  Of cheap laughter and an even cheaper culture.  Of broken families and broken lives.  And especially (it seems to me) a lack of real leadership.  There is no one (we are repeatedly told) we can trust. But here is what I have realized – I, and, I know, many, many others, some who realized this far more quickly than I did – that the America we loved still exists.  Not just here and there – mere smatterings, holdouts – but virtually everywhere. People with values.  People with depth.  People quietly going about their lives in a way that reveals that the "old" America is far from...(Read Full Post)