RefuseFascism unmasked

Thanks to an alert AT reader, we now have photographic evidence that one of the organizations behind the threat of an Antifa "uprising" on November 4 was in fact active in the Charlottesville riot last weekend. The photograph below was taken the afternoon of the Charlottesville disturbances, shortly after the confrontation with white supremacists gathering in a park near downtown. Although slightly obscured by a fold, the banner at the center clearly reads ""  This outfit has been acting as something of an umbrella group for organizing a nationwide disturbance intended to bring the U.S. to a halt for the purpose of overthrowing the Trump administration. Courtesy of James Robertson. In the words of left-wing activist Carl Dix, the plan is to: … go from resistance to mobilizing to end the nightmare of the Trump/Pence regime. Right now these fascists, from Trump on down, are moving very quickly to hammer...(Read Full Post)