Nobody is singing '120 dead in Venezuela'

Once upon a time, Hollywood and rockers used to sing about dead demonstrators, such as the case of Kent State, popularized by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Tin soldiers and Nixon coming, We're finally on our own. This summer I hear the drumming, Four dead in Ohio. Kent State 1970 was obviously a terrible event.  It sparked a lot of protests, songs, and speeches.  At the same time, Kent State was a total aberration, and there is no history of U.S. soldiers shooting at protesters. Where are Michael Moore, Oliver Stone, Sean Penn, and all of the others who danced the Chávez shuffle over the last years? This is a report about what is happening in the streets of Venezuela.  We are witnessing a rebellion against communism, socialism, and leftism: The legitimacy of Sunday's election to overhaul Venezuela's Constitution was under threat as many voters avoided the ballot box, nations across the region rejected the...(Read Full Post)