NFL inmates are running the asylum

I turned on the NFL Network Sunday evening to watch my hometown team, the New Orleans Saints, play a football game against the Los Angeles Chargers.  Granted, it's preseason, but at least it's football.  So I would expect any other coverage on the NFL Network, which is supposed to stand for the National Football League, to center on – get this – football. On the screen, there is a black man looking at an old house in the middle of a large field.  For a moment, I'm thinking this may be the story of a young man who makes it up from humble beginnings all the way to the NFL.  But the first thing the interviewer talks about is, "It's been five generations since my family owned slaves."  And I immediately mute the TV. Do the morons who run the NFL understand what the league is about?  Yes, I know: first of all, it's a business.  Got it.  And I understand that in business, the customer is...(Read Full Post)