Mr. President: Don't negotiate with the swamp. Drain it.

What we saw emerging in Charlottesville was the violent wing of the unholy alliance that exists in tandem with what is called "the swamp."  Democrats and even some renegade Republicans have their tentacles deep into our duly elected president's administration with a malign purpose: to bring him down. The ultimate aim is to overturn President Trump's election victory over Hillary Clinton and usher in a pervasive, debilitating socialist and statist regime in America. A friend and fellow journalist who lives in Charlottesville called me and pointed out that Virginia's Democrat governor, Terry McAuliffe, has much to answer for with respect to the violence that ensued in his state and in Charlottesville. According to my friend, the governor had deliberately chosen to spend the night in Charlottesville before the violence broke out.  He had stayed at the city's Boar's Head Inn. Certainly, eyewitnesses and reporters agree...(Read Full Post)