Military strategy, Trump-style

President Trump delivered his version of military strategy after almost 17 years of war in Afghanistan.  As he stated previously, his instinct was to limit the war and remove the troops after spending almost $1 trillion and over 2,200 deaths.  Trump decided that the quick ending of hostilities would result in a worse future for our nation.  As a lesson in this regard, he reminded us of the damage ISIS terrorists and the like have done in the past week in Barcelona, Spain.  After al-Qaeda, which at the time was housed by the Taliban leadership of Afghanistan within that country, committed the 911 attacks in America, we united to defeat this ideology.  Today, a weary and divided nation was given an option by the president that includes continued involvement in the region.  This, he feels, is preferable to allowing the terrorists to re-establish their stronghold.  He offered the opposition a chance for discussions when they are a willing partner for...(Read Full Post)