It's all about 'feelin' good'

Society has gone too far in accommodating the left's pathological need to feel good about itself. The left's knee-jerk reaction to most social issues is to display compassion for those it perceives to be marginalized, oppressed, or victimized, and to aid them through social activism or legislation.  They are the social justice warriors.  They are the self-appointed moral trustees, humanitarians, and guilt-dispensers of society.  Their activism makes them feel good about themselves.  But they have little or no concern regarding the consequences of their need to project empathy. Leftists feel good about globalization.  It embodies brotherhood of man, community of nations, multiculturalism, diversity, inclusivity – the ultimate state of equality.  The fact that it has resulted in assimilation disasters in the E.U. and has contributed to job loss and income inequality at home is of no importance.  Removing sanctions from Iran may as...(Read Full Post)