Hillary Clinton, FBI investigations, and FBI 'matters'

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is always there to conduct investigations and catch criminals.  But it doesn't take much for these investigations by the powerful law enforcement agency to end up as witch hunts – or, worse still, as under-investigated, whitewashed "matters."  It's all a matter of degree. How do we know when we've got a witch hunt and not a genuine investigation?  When the investigation is conducted where there is no known crime. Twelve FBI agents raided former Donald Trump adviser Paul Manafort's house unannounced – and as far as can be told, there was no known crime, at least not one the public has been allowed to know about. An investigation is an investigation, even one as questionable as the Manafort investigation.  But then there's also something the bureau calls a "matter." A "matter," or a pretend investigation, occurs when the bureau doesn't seem to want to...(Read Full Post)