Google roiled by samizdat critique of diversity policy

Lawyers, grievance groups, and their media touts are salivating at the prospect of cutting themselves in on the high technology industry, which has too few women, Hispanics, and blacks to suit them.  At Google, a Department of Labor investigation into “extreme” gender disparities screams “deep pockets” to class action lawyers, and whispers, “be quiet” to Google executives and lawyers. Google long has embraced progressive causes, a posture that cynics see as an attempt to buy off predation from the progressive grievance groups.  On Easter Sunday in 2013, it chose to commemorate Cesar Chavez, a left wing hero.  Shhh...nobody tell Google that Chavez opposed illegal immigration because it depressed farmworker wages. That might be awkward when it comes to H1-B visas. So, when an anonymous Google employee circulated a devastating critique of that company’s wrongheaded diversity policies -- because they are based on...(Read Full Post)