Delighted with Trump

Don't tell anybody, but I'm actually beginning to love Trump.  Not physically, natch, but as our funniest and most truthful president since Calvin Coolidge.  Normal Americans have watched our politics turn to mud for a quarter-century, since Bill Clinton, the Arkansas corruptocrat.  We've watched it and watched it while the media turned into a copycat Soviet propaganda ministry, and now, finally, somebody is acting like an adult and talking without having to explain every single word. We know that the State Department has been Foggy Bottom for decades, a place where Harvard grads go to rusticate – effectively, to die as real human beings and turn into robotocrats.  We know it, Harry Truman knew it, but The Donald is actually saying it.  Not in whole paragraphs, but in sound bites every American understands – except for the deeply indoctrinated. The sheer entitled misery of losing with Hillary has ruined their year.  Well,...(Read Full Post)