Coming soon: Moderate Republicans to bail out Obamacare exchanges?

In the wake of the failure to repeal the problem known as Obamacare, a group of "moderate" Democrats and Republicans, who call themselves the "Problem Solvers Caucus," are attempting to push the bailout of Obamacare exchange insurers across the finish line. Former Trump campaign economic adviser Stephen Moore, writing at, calls out Republicans for their participation in throwing "a multi-billion dollar life line to the Obamacare insurance exchanges."  He adds: If Republicans are partners to this fiscal crime, they are as culpable as the Democrats who passed this turkey in the first place and they certainly don't deserve to be the governing party. Moore contends that the "Obamacare lobby is salivating" over the idea that omission of the "bailout funds" from the health care law was an "innocent mistake" and that insurer payment funds were "intended to be automatic entitlement...(Read Full Post)