CNN ‘shuts up’ conservative

This is a sad yet comical metaphor for the left’s view about civility. Polite yet pugnacious former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli was featured on CNN’s Chris Cuomo show Monday to discuss Charlottesville. With him as counterpoint was former Bernie Sanders press secretary Symone Sanders, who in 2016 said, "[W]e don't need white people leading the Democratic party right now." At about .15 in the very edited version, and after Sanders had interrupted Cuccinelli as he was making a point, Cuccinelli said, “[C]an I finish Symone, will you just shut up for a minute and let me finish?” Sanders went off, demanding “decorum,” and telling Cuccinelli “under no circumstances” should he speak to her that way on national television (.22 to .40). Then she tells Cuccinelli that he should shut up. You can’t make this stuff up. By this point Cuomo had lost control over the conversation, and immediately...(Read Full Post)