Charlottesville whitewash appears to be underway

There is already plenty of evidence that the clash between violent left wingers and right wingers in Charlottesville was eminently preventable, and may even have been a setup.  The media-left cabal took advantage of the violence to smear President Trump and conservatives as Nazis, so it would be awfully embarrassing if it turned out that responsibility for the violence lay with police following orders from above to "stand down" and channel the two groups into a clash.  Governor Terry McAuliffe, purportedly a presidential aspirant, has a lot to answer for.

That's why it is disturbing that a Democrat – a Barack Obama appointee – has been appointed to run the inquiry.

A former U.S. attorney will lead an independent review of Charlottesville's response to three white nationalist rallies this summer, including one earlier this month that ended with deadly violence.

The city announced Friday that Tim Heaphy, former U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Virginia, will evaluate how the city prepared for and responded to a May torch-light rally, a KKK event in July and the Aug. 12 "Unite the Right" rally.

A statement from the city says Heaphy intends to interview agency representatives, law enforcement and government officials, and members of the community who were present for the events.

Even though his art affiliation is not noted in the article cited above, Heaphy endorsed Tom Perez for DNC chair and has been an enthusiastic supporter of civil asset forfeiture and claims to have been concerned over Jeff Sessions's ideology:

"My fear," Heaphy said, "is that the new department is not as mindful of those resource constraints and seems to want to pursue a more ideological agenda, and I think that could be both ineffective and costly."

The signs are already terrible.  This memo from Charlottesville's city manager fails to mention Antifa or even Terry McAuliffe.

Hat tip: Mark J. Fitzgibbons