Cable news wars rage...and 'could grow even uglier'

Media rivals had plenty of space for more coverage of the woes that continue to plague the Fox News Channel yesterday – even on a day when North Korea's nukes and the missiles that might deliver them to the U.S. led the news.  Events from the past week, including prominent host Eric Bolling's head-spinning immediate suspension for an alleged years-old incident of sexual harassment and the sudden flip of FNC contributor former homicide detective Rod Wheeler on the unsolved Seth Rich murder case, continued to be included in the coverage of other breaking stories involving the news channel.  The mere mention of the Rich murder stoked calls for a boycott by leftist activists of FNC's #1 host, Sean Hannity. Last night, in an article destined for a prominent place in Wednesday's print editions, the New York Times broke a story titled "Fox Is Said to Have Declined to Settle Suits for $60 Million." The...(Read Full Post)