All in: The left is through messing around

"Russia, Russia, Russia" isn't working and may actually turn against the Democrats.  What is next in their playbook?  The usual racism page, although this time, it is for all of the marbles.  With nothing to run on besides "Trump is evil," and with the Awan scandal ahead, they have no choice.  Twenty-eighteen will be a bloodbath for them in a regular election, so they have to suppress turnout, if not eliminate it. More and more, Charlottesville looks like a setup.  Jason Kessler, who organized the "Unite the Right" event, seems to have a history with the left.  Aside from his Occupy Wall Street past, it is convenient that he we went Alt-Right as soon as Donald Trump was elected.  When the Democrat mayor of Charlottesville and governor of Virginia directed law enforcement to actually funnel together the opposing sides of paid protesters and drooling mouth-breathers, a confrontation was inevitable.  Along with...(Read Full Post)