ACLU files suit alleging government deporting innocent gang-bangers

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a class action lawsuit accusing the government of falsely accusing illegal alien teens of having gang affiliations in order to more quickly deport them. Washington Times: The lawsuit, filed in federal district court in California, opens yet another legal front against President Trump's goal of stepped-up immigration enforcement, with advocates hoping to blunt a new effort by Homeland Security to find and deport some of the Central Americans who jumped the border during the Obama era. Immigrant-rights advocates said the government has started to fabricate broad accusations of gang membership or affiliation to justify sweeping enforcement actions, nabbing people who the advocates say deserve protection and legal status, not criminal treatment and deportation. "We're talking about teens who were picked up for play-fighting with a friend, or for showing pride in their home country of El Salvador," said Stephen Kang,...(Read Full Post)