A couple of thoughts about Barcelona

Most of us Cubans have a connection to Spain.  In my case, I am the grandson of a young man who settled in Cuba in the 1920s.  Pedro married Adelina, and my mother came along.  He and his brothers came to the island from Asturias (to the north) and became successful entrepreneurs.  They came with empty pockets, built businesses, and had it all stolen by the communists.  On my father's side, the connection goes back to the 19th century, when a young man named Francisco settled in Cuba. My point is that every terror attack in Spain, from the Madrid trains of 2004 to Barcelona today, hits home in a personal way.  As we Cubans like to say, our grandparents were born there.  (By the way, Fidel and Raúl Castro are also the sons of a Spaniard who settled in Cuba and built a successful coffee business.) On Saturday, I spoke at length with my friend Javier Hurtado-Mira, a young man from the P.P., or the Partido Popular, the right-center...(Read Full Post)