Why fake news spreads

If the public would like to see how the fakest of fake news gets to the mainstream, look no farther than the Russian collusion story, which shows a pattern often repeated in other news stories. Last fall, we started hearing from many sources that 17 out of 17 intelligence agencies agreed that Russia meddled in the U.S. election of 2016. It has a lot to do with the pecking order of the press and the overwhelming monopoly power some media outlets have.  Once the Washington Post, the Associated Press, or the New York Times reports something, the other news outlets and news networks pick it up and report it as the truth. Recently, the AP and the Times have quietly put out a correction saying it wasn't 17 agencies; it was just four. This correction is not reported much in the media, not the same media that printed the original error from its source, whether the Times, Post, or AP.  So much of the public believes that 17 out...(Read Full Post)