Who criminalized politics?

Charles Krauthammer has been going after President Trump consistently of late, almost as if it were back in the days of the primary contests of 2016 when “Trump can’t win.” The following excerpt is from his “Sessions Lessons” op-ed in the Washington Post, and seems to indicate that the good doctor must be living in a cave: "Moreover, in America we don’t lock up political adversaries. They do that in Turkey. They do that (and worse) in Russia. Part of American greatness is that we don’t criminalize our politics." The Obama Administration and FBI started an investigation and started spying on Trump in July 2016 either based on nothing or a fake dossier. The Obama administration illegally unmasked a large number of people, none of whom seemed to be Democrats. The Obama administration illegally spied for years. Democrats and a special counsel are threatening to impeach Trump for no actual crime. The Justice...(Read Full Post)