What does Swiftboating mean to you?

Want to know what a stranger's political leanings are?  There is a simple question that may yield that information: ask him what the term Swiftboating means. The stranger doesn't even have to provide a well formed, grammatical definition; rather, the answer you seek lies in the sense of whether it represents something positive or negative.  If he responds with something like this: "a harsh attack by a political opponent that is dishonest, personal, and unfair," which is the Wikipedia definition, then you should suspect that you are dealing with someone whose politics lean left, at least to the extent that he gets his news from the alphabet mainstream media. If the person responds that the term describes the public exposure of a politician's claims to phony war heroism and undeserved medals, then you can be fairly certain you're talking to a conservative who gets his news from internet sources and perhaps Fox News....(Read Full Post)