Venezuela's poor get wise to socialism

It took them 19 years to catch on, but Venezuela's poor, the very bedrock of support for Venezuela's Chavista socialist system, have turned on their socialist masters.  That's bad news for President Nicolas Maduro, because the socialism he is forcing on them is all done on the premise of helping the poor. They're rioting for food, just as Venezuela's middle class are protesting for democracy.  Bloomberg reports: Services are shaky in Caracas, particularly in the slums that surround the capital. Water pipes go dry for days at a time, trash sits rotting and lights go out due to an aging power grid. The flashpoint has been the failure of the neighborhood food program. Deliveries are sporadic and reports of corruption are rampant. "It takes us by surprise when it comes," said Misleidy Gonzalez, a 21-year-old mother of two who cleans homes to get by. Barefooted children played on the cement floor of the wooden shack in the hillside...(Read Full Post)