The vendetta against Trump

Say what you want about Trump’s latest tweets, or even his tweeting frenzy in general, one thing that cannot be denied is that this latest edition did not come unprovoked. Yet, from the reaction the of the media and various members of Congress, you would think he had just formally declared war on Russia or China or Saudi Arabia. Once again, the Left holds everyone else to entirely different standard than it holds itself.  And once again, the Left has proven that it can dish it out but can’t take it.  As Dana Loesch remarked on “Tucker Carlson,” “If you hold up mirror and they see their reflection, they freak out.” Leftist commentators such as Joe Scarborough love to “bask” in glory of the First Amendment, repeatedly and on public airwaves, calling the POTUS such juvenile names as “schmuck,” “goon” and “thug,” and of course, let’s not forget, “Hitler.”  In a...(Read Full Post)
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