The tweeting Trump and the media hypocrites

In my local paper this morning, they ran an opinion piece from the Los Angeles Times that they titled "The tweeting Trump should let the world talk back."  It argued against the president's practice of blocking trolls on his Twitter feed so he wouldn't have to look at them. But blocking out things one does not like is not something unique to Trump.  The Los Angeles Times, in fact, does it all the time. For starters, one of the people it de facto blocks is Trump himself by selectively editing his tweets.  Maybe the Times and other outlets should reprint all of Trump's tweets instead of selectively printing the ones they don't like.  Most of them have a positive message. In fact, it is really rich that the Times lectures about openness, yet it blocks people who disagree with it on all sorts of things.  One such reason is climate change.  Is the Times afraid that...(Read Full Post)