Psychiatry professors call on Congress to impeach Trump

If you ever have need of the services of a psychiatrist, I would strongly recommend you select one besotted with liberal ideology. First of all, you'd save a ton of money. That's because liberal psychiatrists are blessed with the gift of being able to diagnose you without even having seen you. That means you're consultations need not last very long.   I should warn you, however, that you can be sure that if you're a political conservative, you are likely to be committed to a mental institution. More than 50 years ago, a psychiatrist published an article that stated flatly GOP candidate Barry Goldwater was crazy. The editor of the publication, Ralph Ginzburg, was sued for libel by Goldwater who subsequently won a $75 K judgement. And just weeks before election day in 1964, hundreds of psychiatrists and psychologists signed an open letter claiming that Goldwater was unfit psychologically to be president. Ever since then, the American Psychiatric Association...(Read Full Post)