Obamacare repeal: A brick-by-brick project, or all at once?

It is time for Republicans and conservatives to learn something from progressives. "Incrementalism" is a negative word among those who remember the military creep (the ideal of liberal politicians) that was our failing in Vietnam.  Failure in Vietnam resulted as politicians (amateurs in warfare) sought to control the battles.  It is a negative among those who feel that it runs counter to ideology and conviction on the right.  Few medical practitioners, after all, were involved in the production of Obamacare.  However, before we dismiss this concept, let us understand the intent of our founding fathers.  The Constitution was conceived as a balancing act in which any of the three branches of the federal government could limit the expansion of the others.  Lost in our teachings is the principle of the fourth branch in the form of the individual states through the Tenth Amendment and the respective state legislative selection of U.S....(Read Full Post)