La Raza changes its name

My friend Mike Gonzalez wrote a great post over at the Wall Street Journal.  He confirmed a lot of what I've felt about or heard from many Hispanics about "La Raza":    Since its inception in 1968, made possible in part by a grant from the Ford Foundation, La Raza has been far more dependent on boardrooms and government than grass-roots support. But with government largess drying up, the liberal political-advocacy group may find itself needing greater support from the rank and file.  This won't be easy. The nation's "Hispanics" are undergoing a radical shift that most politicians are missing: A white majority is likely to persist in America.  "Many children growing up today in mixed families are integrating into a still largely white mainstream society," sociologist Richard Alba noted in American Prospect last year. These children are "likely to think of themselves as part of that mainstream, rather...(Read Full Post)