John McCain's 'blood clot' may explain his recent behavior

Senator John McCain recently had surgery to "remove a blood clot above his left eye," according to a CNN report.  CNN fortunately didn't have a chance to wade into its familiar territory of fake news because it had a practicing neurosurgeon, CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, on hand to discuss Senator McCain's surgery. Despite the cheery description, "minimally invasive craniotomy," this was brain surgery, opening the skull and removing something from the senator's brain.  Nothing simple or minimal about this.  Otherwise, neurosurgeons wouldn't need many years of training. Dr. Gupta is correct in calling what was removed from the senator's brain "an abnormality."  It could also be described as "a lesion" or "a mass."  Although news articles called it "a blood clot," it was sent to pathology to be reviewed under a microscope to see what was actually...(Read Full Post)