It didn't work with Goldwater, either

Back in 1964, porn publisher Ralph Ginzburg published a bogus "survey" of American psychiatrists claiming that Barry Goldwater was "mentally unfit" to be president.  It did not work out, and Mr. Goldwater eventually lost his election because voters, not "experts," decided.  Well, the idea is sort of back, although we are using not psychiatrists, but rather the 25th Amendment.  This is from the Daily Mail: A Democratic congressman has proposed convening a special committee of psychiatrists and other doctors whose job would be to determine if President Donald Trump is fit to serve in the Oval Office. Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin, who also teaches constitutional law at American University, has predictably failed to attract any Republicans to his banner. But the U.S. Constitution's 25th Amendment does allow for a majority of the president's cabinet, or 'such other body as Congress may by law provide,' to...(Read Full Post)